Phiv, Histocytologie and plant cell imaging platform

Comparative anatomy

The plant anatomy remains one of the approaches underused in integrative biology. Physiological developmental processes, environmental adaptations and the comparative phylogenetic studies cannot be fully described and understood without an extended approach of the anatomical and molecular structure of cells, tissues and plants.

By the large diversity of research projects developed within PHIV, we have gained a know-how unique in France and acknowledged competences in the field of plant histocytology, histochemistry and anatomy. The extended study of the structure – function relationship is one of our favourite fields as well as the adaptative plant response to biotic and abiotic stress.

The recent development of new microscopes and the evolution of sample preparation (vital stains and fluorochromes, molecular probes, chimeric protein fusion) allow today the evolution of plant anatomy towards a functional organ description. This is a promising context to improve plant functional imaging.

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